Hi there


I am currently in the market for a full time position in Cape Town.

Digital Resume:                 www.resume.thedigitalmarketingguy.net

Online Portfolio:               www.thedigitalmarketingguy.net


A quick overview of my skillset and past experience:


Since Nov of 2017 I have been working remotely for agencies in Dublin Ireland namely www.matrixinternet.ie & www.webbiz.ie as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist.


Currently I am working completely as a Freelance DM specialist and Front end WordPress developer.

In addition I am and have in the past worked with clients such as the mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba as an Email marketing specialist, Brands like the Westin in Dublin and Sun International.


To be Frank, I have a kickarse attitude, when I sink my teeth into a brand It becomes my brand and all avenues are taken care off as if it were my own.


I like to think of myself as a custodian of my clients brands or a Stewart but I pour my everything into them.


My skillset is as follows:


  • Digital marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Paid advertising for Social
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
    • SEO
    • PPC
      • Google Ads
    • Email marketing
    • Project management
    • Content Creation
      • Video
      • Graphic Design
    • Content Writing
      • Copywriting
      • Blogging
    • Front end WordPress development
      • E-commerce (Woocommerce)
      • Hosting Management
        • WHM
        • cPanel
        • KonsoleH
      • Video Editing


All of the above can be viewed by visiting my Portfolio www.thedigitalmarketingguy.net

Contact me directly

012 030 0349 or email on aaron@thedigitalmarketingguy.net