Be Kind, Be grateful and be succesful

Something that occured to me today is how we as Digital Professionals can find balance within our day to day work and family / personal happiness.


It also occured to me that many people, out there including myself for the last 7 years has always held the assumption that …”when I am succesful, I will be happy” … right? Thats how it works?

I quickly found that this assumption, was not only completely wrong but the wrong way round.


When you are happy, success will follow.

Once you can not only educate your mind, but your spirit and find a balance between the two and make time for yourself and your loved ones and not only commit to work being succesful but your life being a success, inevitably success in business follows.


I made this discovery thanks to my dedicated and very open Wife, Lisa.

She pushed me to open myself not only to mindfulness, but to the reality that when I apply these lessons in business not only will I enjoy what I do more, I can share these lessons with others.

The More the Merrier as they say.


Below I will list a few daily excercises that I follow and that you might try do and see if they work for you.

  • Be Mindful:  Try to quiet your mind first thing in the morning, as you wake up.  Take 10 minutes to yourself and really focus in on the now, as to say the moment and place in time where you find yourself right now.


  • Be Grateful: 
    • It might sound silly, you might say but I am struggeling right now and I need more.  Stop, take a deep breath, put on some music that you love and focus on your breath.  Be in that moment, and say out to the universe.  I am grateful for what I have, I am grateful for everything I am going to receive and I am grateful for being able to be here, right now.


  • Be Kind: 
    • This one popped into my head yesterday, while driving I was worrying about money, about my kids and the future.  Playing it over and over in my head.  When the thought occured to – Be kind – I found myself grounded in the present tense, accutely aware of the people around me and looking at them, with intent and I found myself wondering what struggles are they facing?  What is going on in their lives.  And I came to the realization that, when I am misreble and stressed, one kind word can change my whole vibe and day around.  And, what greater gift than to do that for someone else.  Changing their day, and, in turn changing your day too.


  • Visualize: 
    • Every chance you get, the goals you want for your life.  Visualize them.  See yourself, driving the car you have always wanted, the house you have dreamed about.  And say outloud, or simply in your head.  I deserve that, I can have that.  And I am thankful that it will soon be mine.


  • Be happy: 
    • Whenerver you find yourself on the verge of mental breakdown STOP! Follow the steps above, and bring yourself back into the present moment, be thankful and be excited about what the future holds for you