A question that I get asked alot for my clients is WHAT THE HECK IS A FACEBOOK PIXEL???

Well my friends, the very simple answer is a extremely useful tool that will take your Social media advertising and website visitors to the next level.

What is very important to note however is this:  Setting up a Pixel requires you to have Admin rights on a Facebook Page that you manage and that you need a Facebook business manager account.

Once you have that doing the rest is very easy.

In a nuttshell, what a Pixel does is put a wee bit of code on your website in the <head></head> section that allows Facebook to track people who have visited your site, and when running conversion adverts via Power Editor will allow you to “remarket” to these people.

I.e. showing up adverts in their feeds, you can take it a step further and spesify what actions and pages you want to target.

For instance, if you run a e-commerce store.  Potentional clients that got to the products page and but then left can be targeted and you can “encourage” them to revisit your site and conclude that purchase via Facebook.

For those of you that have built your website in WordPress, setting up your Pixel has never been easier.

Simply download this plugin, install and activate input your Pixel code and wham bam and thank you madam.

Here is that link:  https://bitbucket.org/ctala/wordpress-facebook-pixel/

Once your pixel is set up and active and receiving data you can go ahead and set up those conversion adverts on Facebook with Great success.

Here is an example of the success I have personaly gained by using a conversion pixel. Here